Advantages of buying online

Hello Beauty!
I do not know if any of you will happen but I've hooked to buy online and if they are low cost shopping much better r . I already go to the shopping centers and automatically only enter primark, shana and tenths.
I do not go into any store anymore because my brain automatically tells me "where are you going online that you find better offers and it's more comfortable" besides the illusion that makes you receive a package.
Today I am going to tell you the advantages of buying online in front of physical stores:
- On the Internet you will find everything you are looking for, in addition to being able to compare prices at all times , when you buy on the street no.
- It's much more comfortable you do not have to be queuing or looking for parking. Sometimes when I do not know where to park I go crazy and I feel like leaving.
- Buying online, you almost always find a discount or they give you a gift, in the shopping centers they rarely stretch. If you get some samples it's a miracle.
- If you're on pages like beruby, you save a few euros and you have some low cost shopping .
- It is easier to find the sizes and colors that we want.
- If you go to a shopping center you limit yourself a lot, online you can buy anywhere in the world.
- If you do a gift and you can buy it in the usual stores, that person may already have it or give it to you if you buy the gift from a distance, it will be weird.
- You can buy at any time of the day , while in the physical stores you have to limit yourself to their schedules.
- You can use many discounts that are in google and that the purchase is cheaper.
- Online they have a much more competitive market, so the prices are more adjusted.
- In some occasions you can find web, where you can customize the pro ducts to your liking, choosing color, model ...
- I recommend you buy online on Amazon, eBay, aliexpress ... and web of this style because they have very low prices.
You also have some disadvantages to buy online such as:
- If you buy abroad you can stop the package at customs. Although this only happens if the order is higher than 22 euros. If the web has free shipping costs you split the package in two or three and that's it.
- The distrust of paying with a card has always existed. But I recommend you use a card that you can find in any bank that only serves for purchases over the Internet and recharges like your mobile.
If you put 50 euros, you can never spend more of that money , we're going the same way as card mobiles.
Or using PayPal, which is also very convenient and secure.
Do you buy online ? Did you know the advantages and disadvantages? Kisses