How to "like" facebook on blogger

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a post thanks to a follower of the blog, I wonder: "Do you know how to put on the side of the blog the page of FB for people to "like" it
Well I already have it, I had it on for a while but I changed it because I did not like it very much , it was very long, but now I have put it to my liking and it is very easy, I remember that the other time when I put it up it cost me a thousand tries but you will see how easy it is.

I bring you the super easy tutorial of > How to "like" facebook on blogger :

To put the "I like it "From facebook to blogger, you have to enter this facebook page: this will come out:
You just have to change, in Facebook page url you put your url of your facebook page, in width the ta maño to my 250 I was small and I put 270 the rest I have been as it is, if you click on show stream will also leave the last you have published, I removed it because as I said was very long.
I've been like this:
When you've set it to your liking, click on get code and you will get this window.
here we simply click on IFRAME to generate the code.
We copy the code, then we go to our blog DESIGN> add a gaget> we choose html/javascrip we paste the code we save and ready !!
Have you seen how easy it is to put the facebook like button on the blog?
In a few days I tell you how to put the twitter that yes that is easy and how to connect facebook and twitter, if you want me to write about a trick you just have to tell me that I have a Master in looking for tricks and not stop until s alga.

What do you think of this trick to put "I like" of facebook in blogger ?