Tattoos of temporary lips, we try them and I tell you my strange experience

Hello Beauty!
Do you remember lip tattoos from crazy factory ? You can see when I placed the order HERE I told you that when I tried it I would show it to you and here are the photos with my opinion.
It took me a long time because I did not trust that later I did not They will take me away, because I thought, if they are not going to take me off, they will be bad and I will have to go out with them to the street.

How to get temporary lip tattoos?

The first thing I did to try the lip tattoos was cut a small piece and try it on the hand . Once put, I checked that the tonic of the chinata was removed well so I already dared to the lips. If you have them from another brand, I recommend you to try on your hand first, do not take any scare afterwards.

The first thing we do is cut the temporary tattoo on all sides, as it fits all sizes surely You will be a giant rage and you will have to cut back a lot.

When we have more or less to our measure we just have to paste them and pour water on them, the paper practically falls on its own.

Here I had it freshly put (you can still see the water) clean the pieces that are left over. You can do it with a brush so you do not remove the entire tattoo.

What is the result of lip tattoos? ?

And that is how they are put. The truth is that the tattoo for the lips that I chose is not very pretty, basically I took this one because if I was not able to take it off, it did not show much. And being honest I did not go out with them to the street because I felt like my lips looked like "Two chorizos". Probably with other colors are much better.

Where to buy lip tattoos?

These tattoos are crazy factory, but I think I have also seen them in buyincoins, ebay and aliexpress. In all these sites are quite cheap, they range from 0.50 cents to 1 euro.
They have many designs, although most designs lip tattoos for my taste are too flashy, come on that some I would only use for carnival. Although we can always find some less flashy and more wearable.
Its duration is 4 to 8 hours, not bad but not last all day as many people believe, since eating and drinking are removed .

Would you dare to use tattoos for temporary lips ? Kisses