Tips and tricks to have a good blog

Hello girls!
In a very short time I will do a year as a blogger or as many of us call it "my birthday", so today I bring you some Tips and tricks to have a good blog , based on my experience, and so try the girls that are starting or those that take more time but are not clear.
In this time I have learned many things, most of them have taken me a long time to discover them and when I did it it was based on butts against the wall.
As for my blog there are many blogger you are starting and others who are not starting but you like to keep learning, I leave you the best tips and tricks for blogger :
1. Do not upload your blog conbanner that they do not serve at all the only thing they do is that the blog is slower and even that people leave your blog because it takes a long time to load.
Time is friendly, and In blogs like in life nobody likes to waste their valuable time.
2. Avoid the bright colors of the background and much less in the letters, they disturb the view and in the end the visitors will leave without reading what you have put.
3. It is more than proven that the blog with music do not like the first button that is pressed there is to close. We clear the music that you like does not have to like me, to find in your blog you force me to hear it and also in my case I always have the music on if I enter a blog that has other music, I'm in a distorted disco ...
4. If you use a blog template, customize it a bit, change the background, the header ... the templates all the same bore and give little professionalism to a blog. A toquetuyo always comes well, and also makes the followers remember you.
5. If you are new and want to boost your visits it is best to publish daily if you do not want to do every day do it from Monday to Friday, that there is always more visitor traffic than at the end of the day.
I know that many do not have time, but that something wants something costs.
6. A good bloggery trick that will make your old posts are not forgotten is to use you can choose how many you want to leave and at the end of the post it will be like this:
7. If you have written a very long post or with many images and you want to be "more information" to not occupy the entire blog is as simple as clicking on

and it will look like this:

This more information, we can change it to "Read more", "Continue reading" ... what we like the most.
8. Remove the cap of the comments , it is useless the only thing that it does is that we comment that we leave it because it is very uncomfortable and it touches the noses a lot, sometimes they speak words that nobody knows what they put there!
9. Use social networks mainly twitter and facebook stop to know, also you can also notify of your new entries over there.
If you like to interact join facebook groups to the bloggers.
10. Another trick that is "very salacious" is to put the online visit counter you can put it from this page it looks like this:

11. Finally, you should try to be yourself copy nothing that lies have very short legs. And work, fall, go back to work and work again. That bloggers do not work, is a myth.

What do you think these tips and tricks to have a good blog ? Kisses